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The purpose of this blog is three-fold.

First, to demonstrate that natural selection is not sufficient to explain how human beings evolved and that a different physical force is required to fit the facts of our human exceptionalism, in its manifold distance, away from all other animals. This is namely the human ability through activity to create stable artificial environments within which natural selection is driven to develop optimal forms. This is not a new development in human evolution but will be demonstrated as a process which began several million years ago in our Hominid ancestors.

Second , to develop and expand on the idea of the reverse internet, where the power relations of producers and consumers are reversed from the out modded forms of the 20 Th. century. Instead of shopping, surfing and looking for bargains, as if in a giant flea-market, the consumer is now a king: stable,proudly in the palace no longer wandering. Instead telling the world whats it wants, not only a price point, but also the values of production, (ie.local or global, technological or handmade). “”Who will deliver me a 12” pepperoni pizza for 12.99 at 5:00 on Friday”. In the world of the reverse internet it will no longer be the search engine that controls the algorithm of what I get to see and those producers I am directed to deal with, but the individual will define the parameters of who I want to deal with me. Think: “five foot two eyes of blue” but for everything, “Overnight oil change on my car, employee must be on living-wages and have an 85% satisfaction rating.” This blog will serve as a platform to unfold this point of view and other ideas. There are alternatives to the so called “gig” economy built on the values of, ’” on-demand,” “cheap,” and “efficient” that govern our transactions, to a system valuing a system where “customized,” “fair,” and “sustainable” are important values in how goods and services are obtained. These choices will soon be available to us, and it can be made into a very different way of lfe.

Third, to expand and develop a series of ideas that the brain in its activity is better considered in its operation as acting like a radio rather than some kind of computational device like a computer. Signals exist unpredictably and randomly in the environment. This becomes information to the discrete, discontinuous and limited stations of the sensory set every organism has evolved to survive, stability, in that environment because the captured information serves to trigger an invariant response or activity. The frog tracks the fly across its visual field and at the proper distance its tongue flicks out to capture its prey. There is no conscious thinking “about” it,or independent computational (Think: program) that can function without the signal from the envrioment . A frog left next to a dish of dead flies will starve to death. These ideas will hopefully become expanded over time and take shape as a book tentatively titled Mymonkey Mind: Your Brain is a Radio that Does What is Told.