9 thoughts on “Dock-it”

    1. Four days to go for your echo Elaine…Thanks for enjoying “Dock-it”, it was fun to create it from a bunch of scribbles. Still don’t know how to make Emoticons, and not quite sure what a rom-com is, ( a romance- comedy?) :))

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      1. Yes echo on Wednesday, dreading it because it hurts the healing that’s going on inside and my scar has turned keloid so it’s bumpy and tender 😬 Before the surgery it didn’t bother me at all because it’s basically an ultrasound.

        Rom com …. Yes Romantic Comedy ☺️

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      2. All the best from me, too, Elaine. ❤️ Say, what rom com have you seen? I happen to be interested in movies. 🙂


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