9 thoughts on “Talus balls”

    1. here’s the scoop Graham…It’s Edmonton’s most expensive, most exposed and best piece of public art, a massive pile of roughly one thousand gigantic silver balls located at the southeast on-ramp of the Quesnell bridge.
      It’s called the Talus Dome, it’s been around only for a few weeks, but it’s already loved, hated and been defaced.
      What’s happened with the Talus Dome sculpture is about what you’d expect from a provocative piece of art that cost $600,000 of public money, that evokes strong feelings with its unusual design, and that is not cloistered in an art gallery but stands out beside a major commuter route, where tens of thousands see it each day.
      The Talus Dome has been compared to a bag of marbles, a mound of rabbit poop, and a pile of unused construction material. Some people think it’s cool and a solid investment in Edmonton. Others hate the design and resent the cost. Still others wonder if it will be too much of a distraction for drivers.
      My own take is it’s a thrilling work. It’s the single best public sculpture yet erected in Edmonton. Even though it was done by Los Angeles artists, Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues, it fits in perfectly with its setting, meshing well with both the roaring highway and quiet North Saskatchewan.

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