5 thoughts on “blue struggle four”

  1. Love this all! And for whatever it’s worth, this little corner of Your peanut gallery wants to add to that quote that the intellectualization of art in general is sooooo very odd in my book. Art belongs to the heart and the soul. It’s the bits we can’t speak. Each style is a fingerprint of the individual artist’s communication. There is no right or wrong or good or bad or worthy or unworthy. People make me crazy with this. It either touches one’s soul or not….so isn’t it GRAND and REALLY perfect that there’s something for everyone!!! Wow! I’m only halfway through my first cup of coffee in the early morning. Look out world! Cheers Anthony and YOU ROCK!!!!! 🙂

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    1. Yes what you say jives with me too.. just finished reading… The Artist’s Journey-The Wake of the Hero’s Journey and the lifelong Pursuit of Meaning.by Steven Pressfield. He say everyone lives in to worlds the seen and the unseen and all of us are called to be artists moving between these two worlds and bringing back our unique expression

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