early Fauna

Our uniqueness makes us special, makes perception valuable – but it can also make us lonely. This loneliness is different from being ‘alone’: You can be lonely even surrounded by people. The feeling I’m talking about stems from the sense that we can never fully share the truth of who we are. I experienced this acutely at an early age.

Amy Tan

2 thoughts on “early Fauna”

  1. The Joy Luck Club was an amazing book – her mentioning being lonely in a crowd of people resonates with me. My life’s story. This is a new style painting for you – or at least the first I’ve seen you do this. I like it!


  2. Thanks … been studying Chagall watercolours. Did this yesterday; it’s watercolour chalk on mylar. Especially like the blending aspect, when water is added. Thanks for your interest in my artistic forays!


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