Inside Stories

A thank-you to those who enjoy monkeymind’s excursions into creativity land. The work varies from 100% paint and paper to 100% coloured pixels. This is a  group of things that tends to hang out in the former.

A. Rosettea. 20″x 30″ Stonehenge paper, acrylic paint, coloured chalk. Posted Jan. 13/2018

B. Robot for Christmas (sort of) 24″x36″ ink jet print. The centre robot was originally painted on the inside lid of a copy paper box …mounted on a paper and photographed. A simular version was posted Dec. 16/ 2017

C. Some Assembly Required. Scored cardboard, acrylic paint, and inks. Posted Dec. 17/2017

D. Transformation, Bounce, & Gone. 20″ x30″ Stonehenge paper, acrylic ink, and oil stick. Posted Jan. 12/2018

E. House Plants. 20″x 30″  Stonehenge paper, acrylic paint, and white house paint. Posted Dec. 12/ 2017.

A friend was kind enough to sort of give things some order and hang them up, allowing a bit of sit and ponder time with both the likeable, and unlikeable ones, (before being turned into computer files).Checkout the Workshop Today. Posted Dec. 26/ 2017 is the view across from the breakfast table.

As ever, MYMM



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